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Online Printer


Online printers on Blister-Packing Machines are most important for a flexible and economical packing of modern companies.


Due to a new co-operation we are now able to provide you also high quality Flexographic Printers with an excellent printing quality for a budgetable price. These printers have a completely new developed printing unit, better than one of the well known printer manufacturers.



Flexographic Printer eFP 4040

The fully electrically driven (by Servo Motors) Flexo-Printer eFP4040 is a high speed, high-end printer matching to our highest speed Blister-Packing Machine with a maximum printing size of 400x400mm and a maximum printing speed of 28 cycles/minute. The running costs are low due to the electrical drive. Due to that you can save yearly at least USD 3'000 - USD 5'000 because of saving compressed air (depending onto the price of electrical power and onto running time).

Technical specifications


Flexographic Printer pFP 4036

The pneumatic driven Flexo-Printer pFP4036 is a high quality printer with a maximum printing size of 400x360mm and a maximum printing speed of approx.16 cycles/minute and has a very budgetable price.

Technical specifications




Inkjet Printer with HP-Cartridges

On demand MPS is installing the economical high quality Inkjet Printers with HP-Cartridges of any requested brand.



Other Printers

All available printers on the world market can be installed onto the MPS Blister-Packing Machines.