Online printers on Blister-Packing Machines are most important for a flexible and economical packing of modern companies.

Due to continuous demand from our clients MPS decided to develope our own printers. Like that we can provide high quality Flexographic Printers as well as Ink-Jet Printers with HP-Cartridges and that with an excellent printing quality for a budgetable Price compared to competitive products.

Flexographic Printers

Flexographic Printer eFP 4040

The fully electrically driven (by Servo Motors) Flexo-Printer eFP4040 is a high speed, high-end printer matching to our highest speed Blister-Packing Machine with a maximum printing size of 400x400mm and a maximum printing speed of 28 cycles/minute. The running costs are low due to the electrical drive. Due to that you can save yearly at least USD 3’000 – 5’000 because of saving compressed air (depending onto the price of electrical power and onto running time).

Technical Data and Specifications

Flexographic Printer pFP 4036

The pneumatic driven Flexo-Printer pFP4036 is a high quality printer with a maximum printing size of 400x360mm and a maximum printing speed of approx. 15 cycles/minute and has a very budgetable price.

Technical Data and Specifications

Ink-Jet Printer with HP-Cartridges

HP-Jet Printer

The high-end HP-Jet Printer made bei MPS allows to print with up to 8 HP-Cartridges (each Cartridge contains one print-head which has a printing height of 12.5mm) on an index length of 420mm with a speed of up to 25 cpm. The printer is available for various film widths.

Like that a print-height can be reached which is a multiple of the installed number of HP-Cartridges.

MPS HP-Jet is printing onto paper, TYVEK and film.

Technical Data and Specifications

Other Printers

  • for bigger printing areas with Flexo-Printers we recommend the AMACO-Printers.  (ask for more details)
  •  for bigger printing areas with Ink-Jet Printers we recommend the ALFASERVICE-Printers.  –> (ask for more Details)
  •  for very big printing areas with Flexo-Printers also connected with very high printing speeds we recommend the GREYDON-Printers.  –> (ask for more details)

Genereall it is to say that all printers of all brands can be installed onto MPS Machines.