The following samples are Packing-Lines produced and delivered by MPS

Complete Packing Line for Pipettes:

  • first packing in single vacuum blister-packs by a model PERFORM-520
  • Online Printer with HP-Cartridges
  •  automated handling to a second Blister Packing Machine
  • second packing in vacuumed blister-packs containing several single packs by a model SHORTY
  • automated handling of second packs to a boxing unit
  • automated boxing unit with leaflet feeder

Complete Packing Line for Syringes (high speed > 500 syringes/minute):

  • Hopper/Elevator for safety syringes (smooth handling) to a Twin-Centrifuge
  • Twin-Centrifuge to separate the syringes and bring them into hanging position
  • High speed Syringe-Feeder SF-2S for loading the syringes fully automated in highest speed
  • High speed Blister-Packing Machine PERFORM-II-420
  • (high speed online printer eFP4040) NOT on PICTURE
  • (High speed Needle-Feeder NF for loading fully automated the needles besides the syringes) NOT on PICTURE
  • (fully automated high speed boxing unit for loading the blister-packed syringes into cardboard boxes) NOT on PICTURE