2018 February, The new Onlineprinters HP-Jet 1-4 and HP-Jet 2-8 with HP-Cartridges has been launched on the market. This printer is a further development of the Big-Jet-II Printer
2016 October, The new Big-Jet-II Onlineprinter with HP-Cartridges has been presented to the market.
2016 MPS celebrates the 30th Anniversary!
2015 MPS machinery is too much reliable 🙂
Because of the fact that the Service Center in China was not contacted once within half a year from any of the many customers and the employees have been sitting idle it was decided to close the Service Center in Feb 2015 and satisfy all inquiries in China directly from the Headquarter in Switzerland.
2014 In August 2014 MPS has closed its manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China due to several reasons, especially also because of the increased production costs for quality products. The branch in China is newly operated solely as a sales and service center. All MPS machines are now manufactured in Switzerland. We are proud to explain that by use of most modern production techniques, it is possible to keep all prices of machines previously produced in China! Consider: Swiss quality machines to nearly the same prices as before! Like that it is possible that MPS can continue to offer their complete product line, from high-end machines to lowest price machine. Of course, the MPS own Online-Printers as well as the automatic loading systems remain still in the product range.
2013 December, MPS produced its first Ink-Jet Printer called “BIG-JET”. It is equipped with HP-Cartridges and allows highest printing speed on big printing areas and this with perfect print quality. It is suitable for barcodes. BIG-JET is printing onto paper, TYVEK and film.
2012 June, MPS designed its first Centrifuge for Syringes which is a high-end, high speed Centrifuge, reaching 800 syr/min without air-supply.
2012 February, due to a new co-operation MPS can also offer self produced Flexo-printers:
– pFP4036  pneumatic driven Flexo-printer (printing area 400x360mm)
– eFP4040  electr. (Servo techn.) driven Flexo-printer (printing area 400x400mm)
2012 January, the new developed Blister-Packing Machine type WORKIE, predestinated for the lowest price segment, was presented on the market.
2011 July, MPS-C obtained ISO 9001:2008 from SGS.
2011 January, the Joint Venture in China was cancelled and the complete control of the China factory was taken by MPS-Switzerland due to irregularities by our JV partner. The new name of the company is:
“Suzhou MPS Packaging Technology Ltd.”
2010 MPS AG started to produce a new Blister-Packing Machine type EVOLUTION.
2009 MPS AG designed the new and big high-end Blister-Packing Machine type XPERT, for food applications.
2009 Suzhou plant started to produce automated Syringe-Feeder SF-Mk3.
2008 Suzhou plant started to produce MPS-C-BASIC blister-packaging machine.
2008 Suzhou plant started to produce Tray Sealer.
2007 Suzhou plant started to produce MPS-C-FLEX blister-packaging machine which is mainly for food applications.
2007 June, Suzhou plant obtained ISO9001 certification from TÜV.
2006 MPS AG produced the world’s fastest needle packing line with 420mm foil width and reached with 2 MPS Needle-Feeders an operational output of 1920 needles per minute.
2006 MPS AG produced the world’s fastest syringe packing line with 420mm foil width and reached with one MPS Syringe-Feeder an operational speed of 25 cycles per minute which are 500 syringes per minute and this fully automated.
2005 MPS GmbH, Trading was found, mainly for trading from China plant  to other countries.
2005 June, the first MPS-C-ECO blister-packaging machine was assembled in Suzhou plant.
2005 A Joint-venture company, was set up in Suzhou China.
2004 MPS AG produced the first fully integrated syringe packaging line for a Western Company, the packaging line included the new auto syringe feeding, Blister Packing and thereafter auto boxing into cardboard boxes. The speed was 400 syringes per minute.
1999 MPS AG started to produce a new Blister-Packing Machine type PERFORM for Medical applications.
1998 A Chinese representative started to sell MPS blister-packaging machinery in China mainland.
1997 MPS AG completely redesigned the automated Syringe-Feeder and Needle-Feeder.
1997 MPS AG completely redesigned the VACAMATIC. The new name – ROBUST.
1997 MPS had the opportunity to buy the complete company, Steimen, the renowned manufacturer of packing systems and took over all employees.
1994 Steimen started to produce a new automated Needle-Feeder.
1991 Steimen started to produce a new automated Syringe-Feeder.
1986 Steimen started to produce a new Blister-Packing Machine type VACAMATIC.
January, Foundation of company with name “Steimen AG”