For smaller budgets we supply the high quality Blister-Packing Machine ECO-II. To this machine only international high quality components (e.g. OMRON, SMC, GROUP SCHNEIDER etc.) are installed. This machine is a very reliable, long lasting, high quality machine produced in Switzerland with an extremely good ratio price to performance. MPS has an excellent reputation for its most reliable high quality machines and we cannot afford losing our reputation by producing „cheap machines“. The ECO-II is bulit according to CE-Norms and wears the CE-Label.

Technical Specifications

Machine: Form-Fill-Seal Machine (Stainless steel)
Model: “BASIC”
Products to be packed: Medical products (e.g. syringes, gauze etc.), Food, Non Food
Suitable for: vacuuming, gas-flushing, top web forming, automatc loading system
Product output: conveyor belt (1-3m)
Foil width: 230mm–520mm  (customer specific)
Stroke length: up to 550mm
Forming area: max. 535x485mm
Cutting size: max. 550x500mm
Forming depth: up to 90mm (customer specific)
Packing speed: up to 15 cycles/minute
Film: flexible film, semi-rigid film, rigid film
Loading area: 1.8-5m (costumer specific)
Water connection: approx. 40 litres/h (<25°C)
Compressed air connection: min. 6 bar
Electrical connection: 3x400V+N+E/50Hz

Advantages of this machine technology

● High performance-price ratio
● Low budgets
● Simple and sturdy machine construction
● Full stainless steel construction
● Very high availability
● Modern control technology by PLC with comfortable operator direction by touch screen
● Fast packaging speed which is up to 15 cycles per minute
● Big size of mould which stroke length is up to 620mm
● Dust free cutting system
● Free maintenance of pump
● Low noisy