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PERFORM-II: Technical Data and Specifications


Machine: Form-Fill-Seal Machine (Stainless steel)
Model: "PERFORM-II"    (with CE-Mark)
Products to be packed: Medical products (e.g. syringes, gauze etc.), Non Food
Suitable for: vacuuming, automatic loading system, top web forming 
Machine length: approx. 6.4m up to 10m
Loading area: 1.8m up to 5.5m and more  (customer specific)
Product output: conveyor belt 1m  (on demand also longer)
Foil width: 230mm--620mm  (customer specific)
Stroke length: up to 750mm
Forming area: max. 735x585mm
Cutting size: max. 750x600mm
Forming depth: up to 120mm (customer specific)
Packing speed: > 25 cycles/minute (cycles in operation with 300mm stroke length)
Film: flexible film, semi-rigid film, rigid film
Water connection: approx. 100 litres/h (<25°C)
Compressed air connection: min. 6 bar
Electrical connection: 3x400V+N+E/50Hz (different values on request)


Advantages of this PERFORM-II
=> High-end machine
=> Fastes machine on the market, which is >25 cycles per minute in operation
=> CE norm production
=> Competitive price 
=> Strong machine construction
=> Full stainless steel construction
=> Highest availability
=> Latest technology of PLC - operator direction by touch screen
=> Most suitable for auto loading or integration in fully auto packing lines
=> Big size of die-set possible which stroke length is up to 750mm
=> Latest model of IWIS high quality Gripper-Chain 5/8"
=> Nearly dust free cutting system
=> Absolutely maintenance free vacuum pump
=> Lowest maintenance costs of machine
=> Low noisy
=> High safety for operators